We will be opening soon.  Be safe


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AMVETS Post 26 is working on trying to make repairs about the Post.  BUT, we need helpers, ideas and volunteers.  If you have a suggestion or idea please attend a meeting so your voice can be heard..


1100 West 4th Street

Mansfield, Ohio 

AMVETS Post 26 Opening Status as of May 11 

     I hope that all of you and your families are doing well during the COVID-19 crisis.  I would like to start by thanking all of the volunteers who have been donating their time and talents to many projects around the post.  When everyone is final able to return to the post, you will see what a great job they have done!

     The Executive Board and the Board of Trustees have been meeting via tele-conference every two weeks.  We are working on a plan to put processes and procedures in place to open our Veteran’s club in a safe and responsible manner that complies with the State’s and the Health Department’s new regulations.
     Earlier this week, the Board of Trustees decided that we will not be opening on or before June 1st. 
      I know everyone has been sitting at home for the last two months, but we cannot risk the health of our members and our employees.  The Board will be meeting on May 20th and again on June 1st.  We will post updates on our web site and on Face Book during the week of June 1st.
I urge each one of you to please take the Corona Virus seriously. Please continue to wear face overings in public, to maintain 6 foot social distancing, and to wash your hands frequently.  I firmly believe we will get back to the normal we had a few months ago, but we have to be patient.

Yours in service, Mark Scheid
Commander, AMVETS Post 26